Secret Youtube Tricks, Features & Hacks That Improves The User Experience

YouTube is the world’s most popular & familiar platform to watch online videos. Whenever we think to watch the video, the first name comes to our mind is youtube. We automatically turn towards YouTube to watch videos, tutorials, movie trailers, even more, recipes too. It is so watcher friendly. YouTube tricks and hidden feature nobody told you about
Users used to search; youtube hacks and tricks? What are the most popular YouTube tricks, hacks, and features? youtube hidden tricks? Best YouTube channel ideas to start? And so on…

Although Google might be the largest search engine and Facebook is the most popular social site, YouTube is at the top of video sharing sites.

Millions of subscribers following Youtube Channels each day on YouTube, with over 850 million unique visitors watch public videos on YouTube; approximately 5 billion hours of videos are viewed, with more than 60 hours of videos published for every single minute.

Follow these simple YouTube tricks that every YouTube addict should know which make YouTube better with improving the user experience. Keep reading and comment below about what you think about this.
30 YouTube Secrets Features & Tricks

30 Secret YouTube Tricks & Tips That Make YouTube Even Better

All people are eager to view videos these days instead of reading. We all knew how to use YouTube or kids are also aware of how to search on & how to play YouTube videos. But still, we are unknown of some exciting tricks listed below…

1. Download Any YouTube Video in 3 Sec

Type ‘ss’ in URL after www and before YouTube and you will be able to download the video very easily. Automatically you will bounce to download page where you will see options to download your YouTube video quickly.

2. YouTube to GIF

Type ‘gif’ in YouTube URL just before YouTube . It takes you to YouTube GIF. Here you can adjust the length of your GIF.

3. YouTube Keyboard shortcuts

If you don’t want to use the mouse for some time while watching YouTube videos, then use these short keys.
k – Play/pause
j – rewind video 10 seconds
l – fast forward video 10 seconds
m – mute video
Number ‘0‘ – go at beginning of video
Number ‘1 – 9‘ – bounce to 10% to 90% of the video.

4. Tired of a mouse, then lean back and watch YouTube

Still feeling lazy as you know short keys? Getting tired by using a mouse while watching a YouTube video? Don’t you worry just type “leanback” after & tap ENTER. Now enjoy your YouTube through keyboard only. or
Go to:
Spacebar – play /pause
Left/right arrows – push forward /backward
Home/end – starting /last seconds.

5. Link to a Certain Time in a YouTube Video

If you want to start a video from a certain point of time or share a particular part of the video, there is no such kind of option. But trust me there is such a useful trick, let’s see what it is.
Just add “#t=the time from where you want to start video” after the URL link; like URL link #t=02m04s. The video will start with 2 minutes, 4 seconds. The same way you can embed a particular part of a video from YouTube to your website. Add “# t=02m04s to the original YouTube video & link/paste to your website. Now the video will start from the time mentioned in the embed code.

6. Auto Replay for YouTube

Sometimes we are addicted to favorite YouTube videos (songs, jukebox, or funny videos). We play it again and again as soon as when it goes to the end by hitting the replay option. But we may get annoyed of hitting the replay button again & again. Imagine if you will be able to replay your favorite video automatically as soon it ends without tapping the replay button, then that will be interesting. For this, just type “infinitelooper” in place of YouTube in the URL & enter. You will be taken to another external site. There you will be given an option to loop the video /part of the video.

7. Disable YouTube Video Autoplay

Go to the right top of the page; you will see a button for autoplay. Switch that autoplay from unable to disable; it will turn gray from blue. Now you are free from playing the next video automatically. In “theater mode” the autoplay option appears on the right just below the video player.

8. Search YouTube Like a PRO

The process of finding the exact word matching videos from the set of countless videos on youtube is time taking. You may have to land on several pages to find your exact match. To overcome this; type “allintitle” before your searching keywords. This trick will show you the videos of selected keywords.

9. Make YouTube Videos Buffer/Load Faster

Taking too much time to load the videos? Is your Internet connection slow? You can answer these questions simply by joining a YouTube feature called “feather beta” Load your videos as you like to. This function acts by trimming some bytes which slow down video streaming in your browser throwing away expandable things.
Just go to & join it.

10. Accelerate Video – Eliminate buffering of YouTube videos

If your YouTube videos are buffering slowly or taking the time to buffer the videos, then obviously you will be in a search to get rid of this and buffer the videos as much as fast. You can make this happen by changing default settings on your YouTube profile account. Go at the top-right corner of YouTube account & click on Gear (setting icon). Choose playback & then select “I have a slow Internet connection”. This feature will never play the higher-quality video again.

11. Improve Quality of YouTube Video Playback

As we have learned how to speed up video buffering, the same way we can change the setting to set the best video quality. You have to do nothing extra, just go to your YouTube account setting on the top – right corner of window & tap on Gear (setting icon). Choose playback & then Choose “Always choose the best quality for my connection.”

12. Use the force Luke – Secrets of Youtube

Type “Use the force Luke” and search, enjoy moving videos around the screen with a mouse.

13. Impressive YouTube Trick – Beam me up Scotty

Type “Beam me up Scotty” & click search, your search results will appear before you.

14. Doge Meme – YouTube’s Hidden Secret

Type “doge meme” & search, YouTube will look in multicolor.

15. YouTube ‘Do The Harlem Shake’ Command

Type “do the Harlen Shake” & search, watch your search results jump all around the page.

16. Advanced YouTube Search Guide

Add # before artist name & search; you will be taken to the artist topic page where you will see in the album section all albums arranged into the video playlist.

17. YouTube search Trick

Sometimes we didn’t get the words right while watching a music video. But a video with lyrics on top of it can solve this. Visit musixmatch; it’s a free Chrome extension which displays lyrics on top of the music video. It holds 7 million lyrics with 32 languages.

18. View age-restricted videos on YouTube

Want to watch age-restricted videos, but don’t wanna logging-in? The only thing you should do is, remove “watch?” from URL & put “v/” in place of “v=”. Enter & watch the videos.

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19. Connect your phone, tablet, or computer to watch YouTube on TV

If you have a smart tv, you can watch YouTube videos on tv from mobile connecting through wi-fi. Sign in & open YouTube app on smart television. Go to settings, select pair device then enter the code into After pairing, you are ready to tap the icon shown above & enjoy videos.

20. Watch YouTube in slow motion

Sometimes the slow-motion acts create so much of fun for us. In addition to this, a YouTube video in slow motion will certainly raise the fun for you. So to enjoy this feature, tap the gear (setting icon) on the page & select speed “0.5” or “0.25”.

21. Compare speed – YouTube speed test

Have you ever compared the speed of your YouTube video with others? If not, here is an idea to check this. Type my_speed after the address of YouTube homepage, it will show you the average speed in Mbps & compare with other nearby locations, cities, even entire world. Apart from this, you can check it simply just by right clicking on any video. Then select the option “Take speed test”. Obviously, it’s not a trick that hacks something or provides something unofficially but provides precise readings.

22. YouTube’s Moodwall Watch Videos Based on Your Mood

Try “Moodwall” a YouTube hidden feature.
Go to:
The experimental page of this feature has different categories on the left side of the screen. Depending on your mood (emotions like creative, wonderful, classic beautiful, etc.) you can go through all the categories. Double-click on any category to change them all.

23. Use YouTube Video Editor

All who upload the videos on YouTube, always edit their videos before uploading. For such editors YouTube’s video editor might turn to be a great tool. By the use of this tool you can,
Join more videos together to make a long video
Trim or cut video
Improve the video quality
Add special effects & soundtracks to video
In simple; you can edit all your uploaded videos right in the YouTube.

24. Skip Unwanted Ads in YouTube

The most troublesome thing about YouTube is ads. They come across everywhere & let us bear them for 30 seconds. We can’t stop it but can customize adds. Just move to “Ad Preferences” & remove adds that you don’t want to come across.

25. Sync Video – watch Youtube videos together

Sync Tube [] allows up to 50 peoples to watch a synchronized YouTube video along with a window for the chat. Enter the video you want to watch & share the URL with your group.

26. Add Youtube videos to watch later playlist

Click on “add to” select “watch later” at the time of watching a video. To enjoy this function on the mobile click hidangan button on the top left & select watch later. Tap on the three-dot button (3 button option) on the right side of any video in search result & select watch later.

27. Make YouTube Kid-Friendly with the YouTube Kids App

The YouTube kids app contains videos suitable for children. As they don’t know how to type, the app has provided with voice search & big, colorful buttons which make your kids find videos quickly. An option for setting timers limits your children to cross the line. In the case of growing children, it is always better to enable “safety mode” which keeps objectionable contents away from search results. Go down to YouTube page & select “safety: on”. For mobile users, go to hidangan >> settings (gear) >> safety mode.

28. YouTube to MP3 Converter

Turn YouTube videos & sound cloud tracks into mp3s with a website named Peggo.

29. YouTube Live – Watch great live streams

With YouTube-live enjoy live videos, sports, events, news, gaming, etc.

30. Appreciate What You Watching on YouTube

This is not an actual trick, but try to thank the efforts taken by the uploader by like or a commenting your appreciating words below all the videos you watch on YouTube. This will definitely encourage to upload more what you were liked and looking for.



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